GOPDC News June 2014
GOPDC News December 2012

We are pleased to present Volume 23 of the GOPDC News (Gnews). In this issue, we will let the photos tell their own stories

GOPDC Social Responsibility Policy Nov- 2012
GOPDC News December 2010

Greetings from Kwae. We are pleased to present Volume 22 of the GOPDC News (Gnews).
Starting with this issue, we have introduced two new columns - “The Editor’s Pick” and “Memory Lane”. The Editors Pick 
column will feature one section of the Company and the objective is to give our readers an insight into the section’s activities.

GOPDC News December 2009

The New Phase of GOPDC - A Reflection

GOPDC MILL.jpg GOPDC 7.jpg GOPDC 2.jpg Award.jpg GOPDC 20 years anniversary GOPDC Kwae aerial view Palm Oil Tanker.jpg School-001.JPG Welder.jpg Technician in Workshop.jpg Palm Oil Bunches.jpg Oil Palm Nursery.jpg _B036425.jpg Oil Palm Loose Fruit.jpg View on Oil Palm Nursery and Factory.jpg