Social commitment

GOPDC augments the economic activity in its region of operation and in doing so it provides employment and income (directly and indirectly) to more than 50,000 people. 

Besides the creation of jobs, investment in education and health are also essential in social development. On the Kwae Estate, GOPDC runs a school from kindergarten to Junior High School level for approximately 500 pupils. A team of 26 teachers, under guidance of a headmaster, is taking care of the daily operations at the school.



At Kwae, GOPDC runs a medical centre - GOPDC Clinic. The Clinic is currently managed by Total House Clinic.The Clinic is also open to our surrounding communities.

In order to facilitate the collection of palm fruit from the farmers, GOPDC maintains about 500 km of roads and assists the communities with the rehabilitation/construction of: 

  • Primary schools 
  • Village markets 
  • Water boreholes 
  • Power lines 
  • Sanitary facilities

GOPDC also supports communities during installation of chiefs and funeral ceremonies and it is the Group’s policy to invest every year a certain percentage of its turnover in community development projects as per each company's prevailing Corporate Social Responsibility Policy. (Please see the DOWNLOADS page for the GOPDC Corporate Social Responsibility Policy).

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